Sunday, November 6, 2011

they tried to help

Although some people have used boredom for good use, there are always those who don’t. From the article listed above, you can see that boredom is an issue. The people in charge of making Montrose a better place have gone to far stretches to get the trouble making to stop. They have made an hangout place from kids to attend. The place included a dance floor, music, pool tables and a museum room. This attraction did not do its job. Only a reported 2 or 3 new teenagers would show up a night. They also made a night club hang out. They also had a dance floor, and they also served pizza! People in Montrose tried very hard to give the bored teenagers things to do.
When it seems as though there is very little to do, teenagers may turn to drinking and using drugs with friends to keep themselves occupied.’ - used in the article. This quote has pretty much  my whole argument through out this blog. It is a very commonly thought after subject. In the very beginning of this article they are describing an everyday high school party. With a boy and girl making out on the couch, people playing beer pong, and of coarse others drinking too. All the sudden ‘local teenagers looking for a night of innocent fun, until the sound of, “Hey dude, grab a beer,” rises above the music.’. Maybe not everyone at the party was aware of what was going to go on that night. After releasing there was drinking, some might have felt pressured to stay, though they should not have. And lets be real, no one is going to ask everyone to pour their drinks down the drain, so the activities go on. Boredom that people tried to solve turned into teenagers not wanting to be helped. Therefore, ‘boredom leads to trouble’. can be good?

Boredom leads to trouble, but if you put it to good use, it could also lead to great things.   The article will explain how boredom helps you with many things. It can make you even sleep better at night. Creativity can also be sparked by having nothing better to think about. You can definitely use your time for the better when you don’t have any work to do, or a paper to write. Next time you are sitting on your bed, stumbling, facebooking, and tweeting, just get up. You could either go on a run, and get back into shape. Or you could also go help someone who can’t do it there self. A nursing home would love to have volunteers to help them out, or even just keep the elderly company. 
At night, your mind is racing. You are either thinking about what you have to do tomorrow, or who you have to meet with next week. You might have a boyfriend or a girlfriend that you are in a fight with, and your thinking about what to text them back. When you are bored, and you have nothing on your mind, its natural to just go to sleep. The article says that peoples minds are trained to seek constant stimulation, so when there is nothing going on in the brain, that you’d be asleep in a matter of moments.
So basically, do something with your life. Do something for the better when you are bored. It can happen, you don’t have to get in trouble every time you’re bored.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

takin a quick dip

Im pretty sure everyone has seen the reflection pool in the middle of all the dorms? Well, it is very frowned upon to swim in it. Multiple people have gotten in trouble and even arrested for swimming in there. Its a very tempting attraction for college kids. As you can probably tell, I am going to tell a personal story when boredom led to trouble.
One night, my friends and I had nothing to do. We had been playing ultimate frisbee and we were all sweaty and hot. We thought it was a grand idea to just run and jump into the reflection pool really quickly. Our first time jumping in the pool was successful, but the second time was not. The second dip we took, took a turn for the worst. A worker from WOW came out of her building and instantly told us that she was calling the cops. Although we made it back to Parkhurst with no police, we still could have gotten into a lot of un-needed trouble. Instead of jumping into the pool we could have done something productive, but instead we chose a bad alternative. If we would have gotten into severe trouble, we might have had huge consequences. Being bored was the worst thing for us to be. If we would have had a test the next day we would have been studying, and not getting into trouble. If we would have kept playing ultimate frisbee, we would not have had the chance to get in trouble. After reading this your probably thinking, ‘wow, boredom gets you into trouble’. And yes, you are right. Find something productive to do, getting in trouble is not worth the five minutes of fun. 

so it can be avoided...

When your completely bored from doing your homework or trying to study, have you ever gotten distracted? I bet you stopped studying, and ended up getting off track. This happens to many people, and its a really common thing. I get distracted very quickly, so its hard for me to focus and get work done. There are a couple websites out there teaching you how to not be bored. And without being bored, you have a less chance of getting in trouble, so you should take a look. A very helpful website is The url of this page is pretty self-explanatory. This website has a great list of about 16 ideas to help you loose your boredom. Step number 7 is an easy, helpful tip to use. There are probably other bored people sitting next to you, or in the the next dorm room down. You can talk to them about anything, other than school work of coarse. Getting your mind off your homework will sometimes let you focus on it at another time. Remember to limit your time of talking so you can get back to your work! Another good idea would to be change up your ideas. It makes you think about something new, and not the same thing over and over. 
Yes, even though being bored sucks while your doing your homework, you still have to get through it. It has taken me about two hours to do this blog because I am completely bored. My being bored is leading to procrastination, which is leading to trouble. Which comes to my conclusion, that boredom leads to trouble. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

bored to bacardi

During the summer season, kids are on vacation. Everyone loves summer break, and looks forward to it each year. It means two months of sun, pool, fun, friends, and no adults. 30% of teenagers have parents that either work from home, or don’t have a job. This means that 70% of kids are home alone, which often leads to trouble.  This is a New York Times article that is explaining summer, kids, being bored, and trouble making. It also gives you some different approaches to helping your child steer clear from bad behavior. In the first few paragraphs, it is pretty much saying that kids love summer because all of the sudden their structure is completely gone. “If nothing replaces that structure, and no adult guides them toward challenging and appropriate experiences, children become bored.” Said author Lawrence Kutner. He later says, “Their search for relief from that boredom, combined with their immaturity, often leads them to experiment with dangerous or self-destructive behavior.”
Often, when teenagers have nothing better do to, they will drink or do other illegal things. These become an usual occurrence. I’ll give you a scenario, three teenagers on a friday night, bored. The football team has a buy this weekend, so there is no school activity to attend. Mom and dad are out of town for little brother’s soccer game. Mom and dad drink alot, so they won’t notice if some of the handle of vodka is gone. These three teenagers can either study, play video games, or drink. They are most likely going to choose drinking. But, little brother gets hurt during his game, so mom and dad drive home a night early. Problem. They get caught, and mom and dad cll the other parents, and they aren’t allowed to hang out anymore. If these three teenagers wouldn’t have drank, they would still be able to be friends. Boredom=Trouble. 

you're a part time lover and a full time friend.

Okay, so how many of you have done something you wouldn’t have done if you were not bored? I’m sure a lot of you thought to yourself, “Wow, she is right, I wouldn’t have done that is I was doing something else productive.” This same situation happened to in a movie we’ve all seen, called Juno. Juno is a teenage girl who is independent, loves punk rock, and also loves horror films. She has two best friends, one named Leah, and the other named Paulie. Her and Paulie were in her room one day with nothing to do but listen to music. Juno had the idea that they should have sex, and of coarse, Paulie accepted. A couple months later Juno found out she was pregnant, and realized she couldn’t keep the baby. She though about abortion, but bailed out at the last second. Leah and herself disgusted ways that they could have the baby without killing it in such ways. They soon started looking in the ‘Pennysaver’ for families who would be wonderful caretakers for her baby. After finding a perfect couple, problems started to occur because the husband wanted to leave the marriage. Juno was very upset, however, still wanted to give the baby the Vanessa. And in the end it all works out, and she ends up with Paulie. But imagine if they say, wrote a song instead of having unprotected sex. Number one, they wouldn’t have had to deal with the struggles of being a pregnant teenager and number two, the song could have gone somewhere. There are very small chances that it actually would have happened, but it would be better than having a baby. Juno and Paulie being bored led to massive problems that no one could fix. Therefore my theory has been stated, boredom does lead to trouble. 

And we're off...

My general issue: Does boredom lead to trouble?
Possible positions:
  • It completely leads to trouble
  • It can lead to creativity
  • Consequences might not be worth the trouble
  • Boredom leads to trouble that might lead to greater issues
  • Boredom could lead to good things, like school work
  • Boredom can lead to drug use
My Position: No matter what any person says, boredom will always lead to mischievousness and trouble.